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Nathan Brown Official Bobblehead | Limted To 1000 (Signed) - FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE

Nathan Brown Official Bobblehead | Limted To 1000 (Signed) - FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE

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Join the fun and bop along with Nathan Brown while listening to your favorite songs with this exclusive Official Bobblehead. Limited to just 1000 pieces, this first-ever release is a tribute to all the fans who have been a source of energy and inspiration throughout Nathan's music discovery journey.

Each bobblehead is personally signed by Nathan himself with a heartfelt message, making it a true collector's item.


But here's the kicker: out of these 1000 limited edition bobbleheads, One of them have a special surprise hidden inside that box—a winning ticket in the form of a guitar pick!

If you're lucky enough to find this golden ticket in your bobblehead box, Email: | You're in for the adventure of a lifetime. You'll be flying to meet Nathan in person, and together, you'll spend an unforgettable weekend living the rockstar life. Expect a weekend filled with Fun & Music!

Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to have a lively companion as you groove to your favorite tunes and who knows, you might just be one of the lucky ones to rock out with Nathan Brown in person!

Bobblehead Size:
Height: 13 Cm
Width: 4 Cm

Weight: 180Grams / 0.18kg

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